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Intelligent Computation in Healthcare

Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Healthcare
Intelligent Systems using Deep learning
Text mining & biomedical literature Analysis
Computational Biology

IoMT & Edge Computing for Healthcare

Internet of Things in Intelligent Systems using Healthcare System
Healthcare information system & Telemedicine
Wearable Sensors, social media and Ambient Intelligence in Health Care
Smart Cities, Smart Communities, and Smart grid systems
Cloud computing in Healthcare System

Computational Biology, Bioinformatics

Advances in Intelligent biomedical devices
Biomedical Images & Signal processing
Signals, Sensors, Controls and Communications
Disease identification and drug discovery

Remote Sensing, Robotics & Rehabilitation

Mechanism Design and Modeling for Big Data Analytics
Analyzing Spatial Patterns of a Disease
Live Transmission of Data
Patient & Health Facility Surveliance
Semantic Frameworks in Healthcare
Advanced RF/Microwave Communication, WSN