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The International Conference on Ambient Intelligence in Health Care (ICAIHC-2022) is an annual forum that will bring together ideas, innovations, lessons, etc. associated with machine learning and Intelligent Computing, and their application in different areas especially in Health Care. The Conference goes virtual due to COVID-19 and will be available on “public domain”. Nowadays, most computing systems are available for artificial intelligence & machine learning. Intelligent systems are dominant today, as it is well known that emerging technology focus towards smart-based self-analyzed automated systems. The market for Intelligent System technologies is flourishing in future. Digital Revolution on Smart Intelligent systems will pave the way for sophisticated integrated systems that keep global economies safe and successful. Intelligent systems include not just intelligent devices but also interconnected collections of such devices, including networks and other types of larger systems. Therefore, it becomes critical to recognize the nature and manifestation of this environment, to develop a corresponding pathway to holistic Intelligent Computing methodology. Intelligent computing, ubiquitous computing, and ambient intelligence are concepts evolving in a plethora of applications in health care. Because of its ubiquitous and unobtrusive analytical, diagnostic, supportive, information and documentary functions, intelligent is predicted to improve traditional health care. Some of its capabilities, such as remote, automated patient monitoring and diagnosis, may make pervasive computing a tool advancing the shift towards home care, and may enhance patient self-care and independent living. Automatic documentation of activities, process control or the right information in specific work situations as supplied by intelligent computing are expected to increase the effectiveness as well as efficiency of health care providers. This conference is the forum to present the application of innovative techniques to complex problems in case of health care.